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Cambodia: Asia's New Tiger- Interview with Dr. Aun Pornnoniroth
Dr. Aun Pornmoniroth, Senior Minister for Economy and Finance and Chair of the Supreme National Economic council, gives Management Insider his insights on how the country has gotten to where it is and how it plans to forge ahead
2050 Vision – Sok Chenda Sophea’s Interview
With the ambition of becoming a high-income economy by the year 2050, Cambodia is looking at the big picture, both in the region and the world. Sok Chenda Sophea, Secretary General of the Council for Development of Cambodia, spoke with Management Insider about exactly what provisions have been put in place to clear the path for foreign investors.
Freedom of Movement: George Yeo’s Interview
George Yeo, the chairman of Asia’s leading logistics provider, Kerry Logistics, is a member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, the Berggruen Institute on Governance, the Asia-Pacific Advisory Board of Harvard Business School and the International Advisory Board of IESE Business School. In a distinguished career, he has served the Singaporean government for 23 years, as the minister for information and the arts, health, trade and industry and foreign affairs.
Bright Sparks – Contribution by A. Amaury de Saint Blanquat
The infamous “skills gap” is supposed to be the main concern and source of headache for employers in Cambodia. But the reality is more complex and not so depressing.
Digital Highways
Mobile telecommunications firms are rapidly changing the way that Cambodians live, work and do business. With more than eight million users, Smart Axiata is leading the field for subscriptions and for innovation. CEO Thomas Hundt speaks with Management Insider about the evolution of Cambodia’s digital infrastructure.
The Beginning of Microinsurance in Cambodia
Cambodia’s finance sector is maturing, and so is PKMI, the first company to offer micro insurance here. On the eve of PKMI’s fifth anniversary, its CEO Sole?ne Favre sat down with Management Insider to talk rebranding, bottom lines and the beginning of a new era for health insurance in Cambodia.
Cambodian Women: A Growing Consumer Market
Due to urbanisation, a mass influx of tourism, and a stronger link to the international community, ideas about the role women play within Cambodian society are slowly beginning to change.
Team Updates 2016
We are a mixture of high-level professionals, both Cambodian and expatriate, with a broad diversity of educational and occupational backgrounds to support clients in human resources, consulting, management, research and recruitment
STEM: Careers of the Future
Cambodia's first ever STEM careers guide "STEM Careers of the Future" which identifies the top 20 career gaps in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths over the next 10 years. Download your free copy today
Which of these 6 managerial styles do you use?
The most successful manager adapts their managerial style to the situation, task and team, monitoring performance and choosing the right leadership style to create a productive work climate.
Omnibus & Syndicated Surveys - The Cheaper Way to Track a Brand's Performance
A cost efficient, regular and sustainable monitoring tool which businesses and organisations can use to track brand health and current trends in the market.
Choosing the Right Salary & Benefits Survey Makes a Difference
Salary and benefits surveys are a good way for a company to find out what their competitors within the industry are delivering to their employees in terms of salary, training, career development and other benefits. Human resource departments use the results of salary and benefit surveys to re-evaluate and build their internal compensation policy to engage and retain staff.
7 Key Steps to a Successful Job Search
In such a competitive market landing a job is often a difficult and lengthy process, here are 7 tips to help you prepare for the job search ahead. Remember to stay motivated, do a little each day and have a clear idea about you want from your future role.
Opportunities and Challenges of e-Learning for businesses in Cambodia
E-Learning is the delivery of educational, training or learning programs via electronic means. E-Learning courses are a cost effective way to train a globally dispersed audience, allows flexible learning around personal and professional lives, and students are able to learn at their own pace while consistently getting feedback on their progress.
The Benefits of Team Building and Corporate Retreats
Positive experiences will help strengthen an employee’s relationship with their company in Cambodia, they will work harder to ensure its welfare. Team building and corporate retreats are a great way to open up dialogue between employees.
Clear, Simple, Smart: The Art of Creating the Perfect CV.
It is well known that first impressions are all-important in the workplace. However, what is easily forgotten is that your employer’s impression of you is made before you even step through the company’s door.
Sok Siphana on ASEAN Integration
With the first days of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) just months away, Dr. Siphana gives insights about what the open economy means for businesses in Cambodia.
Going Social: The New Face of Business
The digital age is now, according to social media researcher Steve Noble, and businesses can no longer ignore the benefits.
Investing in Local Staff: The Key to Success for Companies in the Kingdom
Staff recruitment and retention processes vary significantly across countries and regions, and multinationals must find innovative ways to ensure they remain sustainable in a country such as Cambodia.