How to Apply

Applying to one of our jobs is simple. Click on the 'apply' function on the latest job listing, or send us an email including your CV and cover letter via To fasten the processes, please also add the reference number of the job you are applying for. Your cover letter should tell us more about your motivation, your experience and your career expectations. Please do not send copies of your degrees, training certificates and letters or references via email, as the email could end up in spam.

What will happen once I have sent my application?
We will analyse your CV. If we believe that your profile and experience can be of interest for one of our clients, we will contact you by phone or email for an interview. If not, we will keep your CV in our database for further opportunities. Please note that only shortlistened candidates will be contacted.

Nothing for me here but I'd like to send my CV
You can send us your CV even if none of our posted jobs is for you. In some cases, we do not advertise our jobs as we have enough CVs safed in our database to present a shortlist of candidates to our cients. And even if this would not be the case, we will include your CV in our database for further opportunities.

I'm open to new job opportunities and I would like to let you know (discreetly)
If your LinkedIn profile is up to date, it is the best way to inform us discreetly that you are open for new job opportunities. Go to our Team page, select the most appropriate partner or consultant and connect via her/his LinkedIn link. Please add a few words on your projects when you send a connection message, and we will know that we can include your profile in our database. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, please send us your CV and cover letter via with details about new job opportunities that could be of your interest.

I would like to be informed when you post new jobs
It's easy!

  • If you want an immediate update when we post a new job, follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • If a monthly update is enough for you, subscribe to our newsletter

Where can I find all annouced jobs, job description and requirements?
We post all our job announcements on Top Job Cambodia is a professional job posting website and a brand of Saint Blanquat & A.

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