“ It is our responsibility to select the country's best trainers with the highest credentials to facilitate dynamic and engaging training sessions filled with practical activities. ”
Principal Consultant - HR Senior Expert

Learn from highly experienced consultants and best-in-class trainers.
In an exclusive partnership with Cegos – a global leader in training and development – we have trained the trainers to deliver programmes with proven success rates around the world.

Chat Sophiep
Sophiep is an independent consultant and coach, has conducted 200 leadership training sessions for numerous clients in Cambodia, including RMA Cambodia, CominKhmer, Toyota and FirstCambodia. Previous to his consultancy work he was employed in various positions with large organisations such as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and ChildFund.

David Benaim
David began his career with Deloitte in London, UK, one of the big four global professional services firms. He qualified as a chartered accountant under the ICAEW, is an expert level Microsoft Excel certified specialist and delivered training for over 350 participants across 50 organisations in Europe and Cambodia.

Jelena Dujak
Jelena is a certified HR, training and development specialist from Switzerland. She has facilitated 200+ training sessions, workshops and conferences for international participants covering leadership, training and talent management across the word. She has developed a talent in sharing and making knowledge stick in diverse environments.

* Jelena is a Cegos certified trainer.

Jessica Sander is a psychologist from Australia with extensive experience in the field of human recourses. Throughout her career she has facilitated staff capacity building, organisational change management and delivered training programmes across the public and private sectors.

*Jessica is a Cegos certified trainer

Khiev Sophat
Sophat is a senior consultant and expert trainer for local and international NGOs. For 20 years she has worked on numerous development projects including capacity building, project management, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy and education. She holds training certifications from overseas, has published several books and is a member of the Khmer Writer’s Association.

Lun Dane
Dane is a human resources expert with 16 years of cross industry experience, and delivers high level trainings on topics including HR management for line managers, induction programmes, employee engagement and HR strategy. Additionally, Lun Dane holds a training certificate from Yokohama, Japan (IR/HR Management) and lectures human resources students at several universities in Cambodia.

Ly Daravuth
Daravuth completed a masters and a PhD at La Sorbonne in France, before starting his career as assistant to the Culture Minister and lecturing at Royal University of Fine Art. He served as executive director of the Reyum Institute, is a board member of Soma Group and was elected executive vice president of Puthisastra University.

* Daravuth is a Cegos certified trainer

Lyaun Hay
Lyaun Hay is a Cambodian-born, Canadian citizen multiple degrees from France and Canada. He gained 25 years’ experience in senior positions across a variety sectors including development consultancies in Canada, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and. Hay uses his broad knowledge of capacity building and human resources to guide our clients into having a clear understanding of Cambodia’s business environment.

* Lyaun Hay is an associate expert at Saint Blanquat & A.

Naina Peris
Naina has 8 years of industry experience in talent management, acquisition, leadership development and HR consulting. In this time, she has conducted several training programs and consulted for business houses in India and Southeast Asia. Nothing excites her more than interacting with people.

* Naina is a Cegos certified trainer and Senior HR Expert at Saint Blanquat & A.

Robert V. Longo
Robert is an American citizen with a Bachelor of Economics and a Juris Doctorate in Law. Before entering a teaching position, he worked in sales and client development with multinational insurers and banking institutions. Robert has lectured throughout Asia teaching business, finance, law and his favourite topic of interest, communication and presentation.

* Robert is a Cegos certified trainer

Varabott Ho
Varabott has 18+ years experience in major European financial institutions such as Credit Suisse, Aberdeen and AXA. His expertise encompasses private and commercial banking, asset management, investment banking and bank assurance across Europe and Asia. He is a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst. Varabott is also partner of Kynn & Cie Cambodia.

Vijay Allaham
Vijay is partner and senior consultant with the Kaizen Institute* and is an industrial engineer by trade. He has 10 years of experience in helping organisations across the world implement the famous Kaizen/Lean and Siz Sigma methodologies and is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

* Kaizen Institute is a partner of Saint Blanquat & A.

Huon Soeur is the deputy director of the Ministry of Labour’s Labour Dispute Department and an expert in Cambodian Labour Law. In his position he has trained uncountable employees and employers in the fields of Labour Law and compliances, and is also the MoLVT representative for the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ).

Ou Sokhim is a freelance consultant and trainer specialised in baseline survey, project end evaluation and research study. He has worked with leading international and local NGOs, including Save the Children, The Asian Foundation or NEP. Sokhim has led numerous large-scaled, multimillion projects to success and gained fund experience in people development and training.

Pol Chandara is the deputy director of the MoLVT Labour Inspection Department and serves as representative to Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ). Teamed up with Huon Soeur or in an individual capacity, he has held thousands of training sessions in Cambodia in the fields of labour law and compliance.