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The role of Human Resources (HR) is more relevant than ever in the current ASEAN Community Vision 2025 context, where an increasingly mobile and competitive workforce will require employers to continually invest in attracting and retaining skilled labor and talents in the region. A growing number of business leaders have understood that the performance of a company or department depends on their people; their level of engagement and job satisfaction will make the difference in boosting competitiveness and making the venture successful.

As HR work grows in complexity and involves business forecasting including return on investment, HR professionals must possess a wide range of skillsets and competencies, and wear many hats: from employees’ advocates, strategic business partners to change agents, they are instrumental in guaranteeing the success of a company and organization, and work hand-in-hand with management to influence and direct employee engagement, company culture and major organizational changes.  

We at Saint Blanquat & A. are passionate about contributing to positive HR transformations for businesses in Cambodia and Myanmar through fostering thriving work environments. We are a team of dedicated professionals with a diversity of experiences in HR project management across industries; we offer the best solutions adapted to your specific needs and contexts in order to bring your HR to a level that will enable you to achieve your long-term business goals.

Our solutions

Employee Value Proposition
Employees' Insights
Talent Forecast & Development
HR Transformation
Performance Management
Interim HR Management
Employee Value Proposition

Forward-thinking employers know that the right retention strategy is essential to attract and retain talented staff at all levels. With a clear understanding of business practices, industry trends, and people management, we build cost-effective retention plans focusing on your company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to boost your retention rate and make your company an employer of choice in the labor market.

Our services:

  • Analyse and provide recommendations on your current EVP focused not just on reward programs but also on other key factors that matter to key employees.
  • Offer a membership of world-class Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) from our strategic partner Mercer.
  • Audit your current salary and benefit policies, and compare them to industry standards;
  • Develop and align the value of reward programs (including pay structure and reward & recognition strategy) that drive growth in your business focus areas, work culture, and individual performance.
  • Provide an optimal solution for specific reward programs such as Executive Rewards and Sale Rewards.
  • Undertake specific steps of talent management to support the career development plans of your key employees.

Strong employee commitment can increase your company performance up to 20%, and reduce turnover rates by up to 87%.

Employees' Insights

Companies increasingly recognise the importance of seeking insight of their employees’ perceptions and mindsets towards their work and organisation, key engagement drivers (what motivates them on a daily basis to contribute to the success of their company/organization), and perspectives on their company’s direction or vision. The Employee Engagement Survey (EES) is a practical and useful tool for employers to obtain this type of information, enabling them to take the pulse of their manpower and making informed HR-related decisions. 

  • Our EES experts work closely with employers to design tailor-made surveys aiming to assess employees’ insights and levels of commitment towards their company/organization and goals. More specifically, EES allows to: Understand employees' perceptions, challenges, satisfaction, motivations, and effectiveness at work;
  • Identify key drivers of teamwork, dedication, turnover rates, absenteeism; and
  • Recommend potential improvement methods to people in charge of management strategies and policies to decrease turnover rates and communication issues for the purpose of increasing engagement and productivity.

Human capital is one of the key drivers contributing to a company's or organisation’s growth and success: Employers must not only rely on a proper staffing plan but also on employee engagement and capacity building programs. Moreover, they must ensure that their talents are well aligned with the company’s direction and strategy.

Our talent consultants offer you an optimal Talent Forecast and Development Implementation Plan to help you assess your internal talents and develop the right profiles that you need for supporting your business. The types of services we provide are:

  • Organisation Assessment: understanding the organisation's vision and direction.
  • Talent Assessment: talent forecast, understand current talent, and identify the gap.
  • Capacity Development: TNA, Capacity Development Program, Monitoring and Evaluation Guideline.
  • Succession Planning.

We analyze your organization from an ideal HR Operating standpoint considering the business direction and current HR status in order to support you step-by-step from meeting minimum compliance to reaching an optimal Strategic HR Operating state that will improve the performance of your HR department, and ultimately the effectiveness of your organization.

What we do:

  • Audit your company’s HR management to assess their compliance with national labor legislation.
  • Develop Strategic HR Operating Model that align with your business direction and design standard operating process.
  • Conduct HR Forecasting for your HR department. Build a stronger HR team through HR talent assessment and development.
  • Analyze and provide a recommendation for a more efficient system with HR Technology and Information System.
  • Develop a clear and empowered Change Management / Communication plan that brings onboard all your key employees to be a part of the new era.

Performance management is more than conducting a meeting at the end of the year to evaluate employees’ work and discuss eventual pay rise and promotion. It involves offering the employer a clear picture of how each employee contributes to the organizational goals and fostering an environment of continuous performance reviews and feedback throughout the year. Good performance management strategies can lead to high employee satisfaction, good retention rates, a great leadership pipeline, and a high-performing culture in achieving the organisational goals.

With our understanding of Cambodia’s and Myanmar’s market practice and global standard practice, our experts in performance strategy provide the right expertise and support for your organisation’s performance management strategy.  

We analyse, provide recommendations, and support you in the development of the whole performance management processes from studying your company direction and team objectives in order to develop clear measurable goals for your employees to delivering effective performance review.

  • Set Employee Key Performance Indicators.
  • Build HR Strategic Cycle for Performance Management.
  • Develop Performance Management Tools.
  • Develop Performance Appraisal Policy.
  • Assess and develop your Talents, Learning and Development Plan.
  • Build high-performance culture attitude for HR and BU Managers.

Interim HR Management means outsourcing your business’s HR platforms to HR Management experts in order to change and revamp the ideal HR Management. It is an effective way to streamline procedures, upgrade the core organisation standard, be legally compliant, minimize operation costs and concentrate on your core business value. We provide comprehensive HR administration services tailored to your organisational demands together with strategic extension services on HR Policy and Procedure development. We make essential changes in HR departments to maximize standard organisation and employee satisfaction.

  • Employee Personnel Record Administration.
  • Payroll Management and Development.
  • Day-to-day HR Standard Operation Management and Development.
  • HR Policy and Procedure Development, HR Tools Development.
  • Local and/or International Human Resources Standard Implementation.

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